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LoDo Bites: June 16, 2015 • 5-9pm

Eat your heart out through Denver’s oldest neighborhood. LoDo Bites gives guests the opportunity to try over 20 restaurants. Grab a bite, have some conversation, repeat! This is the perfect way for folks to try new restaurants or see how old favorites have changed over time. The food and booze culture of Denver has exploded and LoDo Bites is a great way to showcase this change. Showcase your business in one of Denver’s most vibrant districts in a fun and engaged evening of celebration.

Support LoDo District!

Best part? By eating your way through this historic neighborhood, you support the LoDo District Inc., who supports LoDo year round. By preserving the neighborhood’s past, LoDo continues as a vital and positive force in Denver’s present and future. LoDo District Inc. is proud to serve as a guardian of that past, and a guiding force of LoDo’s future.

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