While LoDo is the proud home to a wide range of businesses, from restaurant to retail, service to start-up, there is one thing we all have in common, we depend on computers and technology for many aspects of our operation. So, what happens when we’re not tech savvy? We call on Brandon Erhart of LoDoIT, one of our new LoDo District, Inc. members.

Brandon was drawn to the LoDo because of the neighborhood’s energy. He loves all the energy that surrounds LoDo, including the old buildings, fun businesses, sporting venues, the new Union Station, and all the people. So, when it came time to decide where to set up his IT business, LoDo made sense (not to mention, one of his clients gives him his office space at a discount).

Brandon and LoDoIT became of member of the LoDo District to help give back to the neighborhood. He saw opportunity in making the neighborhood an even better place to live and do business. As LoDo continues to grow, Brandon homes to see even more transportation options for neighborhood residents, employees and visitors. Of course, he’d also like to see us step up our tech game with fiber internet installations.

While Brandon and LoDoIT team are busy putting together over 400 websites for one of their client’s many locations, they always have time to help out fellow LoDo businesses. They even want to extend our 2016 rate to all LoDo members and get locked in at $95/hr, including free site audit to assess your IT needs.

Learn more about LoDoIT here