With all of the phenomenal food options in LoDo, it can be intimidating to know at which restaurant to start. It would be so much easier to take an afternoon and try sampling some of the best options around the neighborhood. One of our newest members, Taste of Denver Food Tours, can help you do just that!

Taste of Denver begin offering their 3-hour culinary and cultural walking tour in the Fall of 2016. Guests not only get to enjoy 6 tastings from different venues around LoDo, including Milk & Honey and Mercantile, but along the way, they also learn about some of the most interesting historical elements of lower downtown Denver.

Lindsay Prime, one of the two co-founders of Taste of Denver, is a graduate of DU and a property owner downtown. In 2008, Lindsay moved to Puerto Vallarta where she would later launch her first food tour concept in 2011. Lindsay said Denver seemed like a natural fit for a second market, so her and her sister, Chemae Stevens, started Taste of Denver based right here in LoDo. Lindsay and Chemae share a passion for connecting with people, and this venture was the perfect opportunity to meet visitors, natives, and local food artisans.

We can speak from experience that Taste of Denver Food Tours is a great way to learn more about the neighborhood, both its history and culinary scene. We recommend everyone, whether new or old to the neighborhood, take the time to enjoy this wonderful LoDo amenity.

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