After implementing the alley permitting program successful along the 16th Street Mall, the BID will be expanding the program’s reach to three alleys in LoDo:

Market-Blake, 14th – 16th

Blake-Wazee, 15th – 17th

Wazee-Wynkoop, 16th – 17th

In short, the BID will install gates with signage at the entry points of the alley which will then give the Denver Police Department a more efficient line-of-defense against those who abuse alley passageways. The BID hopes to prevent criminal activity in these alleys, including trespassing, drug use, and other nuisance behaviors. Assuming the program is granted all the required permits, you will start seeing alley barriers sometime this summer.

Whether or not your property or business is located on the alleys above, the following resources are provided to educate and empower stakeholders be part of the culture of safety and security in downtown Denver. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to Eugene Wade ([email protected]) at the Downtown Denver Partnership if you would like a briefing specific for your property or business.

Safety Report: This is an overview of the progress we have made from implementation of the Security Action Plan. Reported as of June 2017.

City ordinances commonly violated in Downtown Denver: To educate our stakeholders on the laws commonly violated in Denver, we developed this 2 page information flyer. Stakeholders should familiarize themselves with these ordinances so they can identify when a law is actually being broken. To see a more comprehensive list of ordinances, click here.

Who to Call: Now that our stakeholders are educated on the law, they need to know who to call. This one page handout details what activity warrants a call to 911, Non-Emergency services, and 311. It goes on to explain the callers responsibilities and what they can expect from the Denver Police when they respond. It encourages the use of the Denver PocketGov and RTD Transit Watch app to report non-emergency incidents.

Trespass Agreement Form: Not every property/business has overnight security or staff to patrol and discourage trespassing. This is why the Denver Police Department has a Trespass Agreement program. Once the attached form is filled out and submitted to the Denver Police, officers have the authority to approach and cite/arrest those who are trespassing during non-operating hours.

Property/Business Manager Responsibilities: We all have a responsibility to maintain our spaces to discourage unsafe activity. The attached 2 page handout along with the Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) checklist provides detailed actions property and business owners may implement to achieve this goal. Also attached is a flyer from Environmental Health detailing business/property responsibilities on dumpster and alley upkeep.

Give a Better Way Campaign: The City and the Downtown Denver Partnership are focused on creating systems of recovery for those experiencing homelessness. That is why we are promoting the Give a Better Way campaign. Instead of giving money, food, or clothing items directly to someone on the street, we are encouraging the public to make an impactful donation to those focused on this issue. Click here for printable donor guides and shelter and services guides.

Specifically to restaurants, the Downtown Denver Partnership has plenty of table tents and coasters to help promote this program. We are willing to schedule meetings at restaurants to educate staff on how to engage with patrons when asked about the program.